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Local Things We Like & Suggest

Our family has been on LBI for over 40 years, so we have experienced some great and some not so great shops, restaurants and attractions. Hopefully, our list of likes will help you have fun here at Seaside Quarters.

Surf City 5 & 10 
This is great for stuff, kid’s games, beach toys, sun block, souvenirs, T shirts, hoodies and tons of items. 
Between 4th & 5th Streets and Long Beach Boulevard, Surf City                                             

Okies Butcher Shop  
Great. Expensive and they sometimes have an attitude, but stand in line and enjoy their fantastic selections of cooked chickens, sandwiches, meats, kabobs and more. 
2107 Long Beach Boulevard | Surf City, NJ

Anchor Produce     
Another great store, fresh produce, great sandwiches and always excellent Jersey corn.  Bring lots of $$$!
2012 Long Beach Boulevard | Surf City, NJ
609 494 7097

The Cheese Shoppe
If you like cheese, this is your place. Wide selection, plenty of free samples and just good-good stuff.
1800 Long Beach Boulevard | Surf City  
609 494 4630                                                                       

Shop Rite
Probably the best grocery shopping in the area but located on Route 72 East in Manahawkin.  Good produce and pretty good a seafood selection.  Give them our phone number…609 494 8065 and you will get preferred shopper savings!

Panzone’s Pizza
If it weren’t so close, I would not suggest Panzone’s, but location matters.  Pretty decent pizza, good wings, expensive and less than stellar sandwiches.  Be sure to check your order before you leave, they have a track record of messing up take out.   
2118 Long Beach Boulevard | Surf City, NJ 
609 494 1114                                                                                         

Surf City Pizza
We prefer Surf City Pizza for pizza, subs, salads and other related eats.  Not only is the food gooderer, they owners and staff are friendly and helpful. 
1017 Long Beach Boulevard | Surf City, NJ 
609 361 8150

NorthSide Restaurant & Grille
Our new casual restaurant on LBI, sorry Gateway.
Great wings, great salads & burgers and a fun spot. Plus, its close enough to walk to it.  Or home!
1500 Long Beach Blvd | Surf City, NJ 
609 494 3771

Gateway Restaurant
Once our favorite, not so much now due to very spotty service and food.
However, the Gateway can be a fun, casual restaurant and you may enjoy the wings, chowder, pizza burgers and seafood, it’s has a large “Jersey Shore” style bar with a bunch of TVs. And the Gateway also has a liquor, wine & beer section. This is also a real local kind of place, so there’s plenty of great conversation too.
227 W. 8th Street | Ship Bottom, NJ 
609 494 2816                                                                                      

Dutchman’s German American Restaurant (Closed for renovations 2018 –> 2019??)
Who opens a German restaurant at the beach? But this is more than a German style restaurant, there’s seafood, a club atmosphere “upstairs” and you can cruise over by boat as well. Plus, they have a large beer selection.
Cedar Bonnet Island & Bay (Just off LBI)                                                                          
609 494 6910                                                                                     

Big Dipper Ice Cream
To get here you pass Rita’s and another ice cream parlor, but it’s absolutely worth the extra distance.
We still love Big Dipper.  They have a great selection of flavors and waffle cones that are the best.  The staff is friendly and the place is usually packed.  Open until 10pm (Usually) 
1501 Long Beach Boulevard | Surf City, NJ  
609 494 4155

Flamingo Golf
This is the bestest mini golf course ever; the holes are lined up so you can get a fist full of hole in 1’s.  Plus, the course is creative, fun and you can win free games, a trophy or maybe even 5 free games!  They used to have tournaments on Thursday mornings, check and see if this is going on this season.
W 5th Street & Long Beach Boulevard | Ship Bottom, NJ   
609 361 1874 

Scojoe’s Eatery
Whether you hit Scojoe’s for breakfast, lunch, take out or dinner, you will love this place.  Nothing fancy here, but tons of good food and reasonable prices.  In fact, better than reasonable and odds are you will have a box of left overs when you leave.  Open 7am -9pm
307 Long Beach Boulevard | Surf City, NJ
609 696 8661

Octopus Garden
Don’t let the fact that this restaurant is not on LBI prevent you from enjoying its excellent seafood and various dishes. It’s a quicker drive to West Creek than many restaurants located in Beach Haven!   BYOB
771 South Main Street ( Route 9) | West Creek, NJ     
609 597 8828                                                                 

Yellow Fin Restaurant  (On Our Street)
You can walk to this one and home, it’s on our street and half way to the beach! Yellow Fin is an award winning restaurant and one of the best on LBI, or so the foodies say.  Intimate, yes; pricey, yes; worth it, yes.  BYOB                                         
24th & Boulevard | Surf City, NJ
609 494 7001

Bella Donna’s Spa  (On Our Street)
Ladies, send the men fishing and plan a day at Bella Donna’s. This salon & day spa is located on our street, just across the boulevard and has a rather complete menu of services.
2400 Long Beach Boulevard | Surf City, NJ 
609 361 1771

SwellColors Glass Studio & Gallery
We recently discovered the talents of this local artist, when we enjoyed breakfast at ScoJoes. Her fused glass fish are awesome, so we had to buy some for Seaside Quarters. Plus, there’s jewelry, paintings and just really cool stuff.  Two locations, too…Barnegat Light and Surf City
SwellColors Glass Studio & Gallery
1715 Long Beach Blvd. | Surf City, NJ 08008

Ron Jon’s Surf Shop – The REAL Original
Years ago (which is really 1961), Ron Jon’s sold “hatch covers”, custom made tables, surf boards and gear.  Today, it is full of surf boards, sun glasses and tons of beach gear.  This is a must do on LBI, at least get a T shirt!                                                      
201 9th & Central | Ship Bottom, NJ 
609 494 8844

Surf City Fishery
This is not a fancy fish market filled with sauces, pastas and stuff, but if you want fresh fish, large lobsters and great shellfish, you have to hit the Surf City Fishery.  It’s located in Ship Bottom...go figure.   
902 Long Beach Boulevard | Ship Bottom, NJ 
609 494 8171

Bagels & Beyond
Excellent place with great bagels, coffee cakes and pastries and a large crowd on weekends to boot.  Plus, they have a fantastic selection of cream cheeses, oh yum!  
1616 Long Beach Boulevard | Surf City, NJ 
609 494 4848

24th Street Beach  (Our Beach)
Our beach is one of the nicest beaches in Surf City and since the street is so short, there’s usually not a ton of people on it.  Plus, in season there are lifeguards to your left as you enter the beach between 10am and 5pm. Be sure to listen for the ice cream vendor’s bells and to swim between the flags while the guards are on duty. Kids over 12 and adults under 65 will need a beach badge in season between 10am and 5pm.

16th Street Bay Beach
Surf City has a very nice bay beach, located at 16th Street and Barnegat Ave.  The beach under the watchful eye of Surf City Lifeguards and is open from 10am-5pm; adults and kids over 12 will need a beach badge to access the beach.  This is a great spot for kids, little kids and anyone who enjoys calm, warm water.
16th Street and Barnegat Ave  Surf City

Crabbing & Bay Fishing
We do a good deal of crabbing & fishing right down at the bay on 24th street.  There are a few crab traps in the shed and a couple smaller fishing poles on the porch, get some fish bait, a cold beverage, some sun block and have fun.

Surf Fishing
In Surf City you can surf fish on any beach between 5pm and 10am.  But, between 10am and 5pm, you can only surf fish on the north and south side of the jetty located on 23rd street. The ability to fish can be subject to the tides, winds and discretion of the Surf City Beach Patrol, so keep this in mind when you head out. Also, if you are over 12 years old and under 65 and surf fishing, you will need a beach badge between 10am and 5pm.

Surf City Bait & Tackle
They have everything you would need here to get outfitted and go fishing or crabbing. They carry bait, crab traps, fishing poles and plenty of gear.  Nice people here too.
4th & Long Beach Boulevard | Surf City, NJ
609 494 2333